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  • Herstories


    Women in History Month: LBPA Women Business Owners’ Herstories Since 1995, March has been designated “Women’s History Month” to “celebrate the contributions women have made in the United States and to recognize the specific achievements women have made over the course of American History in a variety of fields.” BRAVA! (No, this is not a…

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  • Q&A with The Pettaway Pursuit Foundation

    Q&A with The Pettaway Pursuit Foundation

    We recently talked with Theresa Pettaway from The Pettaway Pursuit Foundation located at 11 Owen Avenue in Lansdowne.  Learn about this vital community resource by reading our interview at and remember to shop our businesses here in Lansdowne. When you support small businesses, you give back to the community.  Tell us a little about your business.…

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  • Q&A with  Jamey’s House of Music

    Q&A with Jamey’s House of Music

    Welcome Back, Jamey’s House of Music! It’s so nice to see new businesses opening up around Lansdowne but it’s especially nice to see established businesses REOPENING after COVID-19 closures. One particular venue that recently reopened is Jamey’s House of Music, 32 S. Lansdowne Avenue. We talked to Jamey about his upcoming performance schedule, the renovations…

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  • Precious Metals Exchange

    Precious Metals Exchange

    The goddess Fashion, who throughout all ages has waged war on the productions of the goldsmith, has laid a heavier hand on these than on any other forms of personal ornament.

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